Monday, July 30, 2012

Newest Ships, 7/30/12

I got a chance this weekend to take some pictures of the stuff I've gotten done lately.  The pictures didn't want to turn out, so we'll all just have to live with my crummy photography skills.

Here we see Plo Koon in his Delta-7, navigating a asteroid field.  The asteroids are lava rock from my yard, just like the ones I usually use in my games, but these were washed to get the dust/sand/grit off, and primed grey.  I wanted a few mounted on stands for effect, but Ill probably still use the unmounted red/brown ones from time to time as well.

I'll be using Plo Koon as a Jedi Ace; I did a mold/pour from resin of one of my Jedi Delta-7 fighters, and gave it a new paint job.  It was hell to do, but I think it came out really nice looking.

Two Preybird fighters finish off a severely damaged Star Destroyer of some kind.

The Preybirds are home made.  I made sure to do the wing pattern the same as on the Drexel I finished before, to tie them all together.

The burning capitol ship is a papercraft Victory Star Destroyer from here.  I printed it out, removed the center section, and put in the ribbing with Floral Wire (as the ribbing) around tooth-picks (as the main structural spars).  The smoke is black wool, with paint globbed on in shades of reds and oranges.  I filled the body of the ship in with glue soaked paper towels that we all bunched up, then primed the area black and painted it orange at the edges for a glowing effect.

I got the inspiration to doing burning wrecks from here.  Good stuff.

A Gladius-class Light Cruiser and the Otana. 

The Otana was made by molding a Micro Machines Millennium Falcon and cutting off the cockpit, and grinding out the center area.  Then I glued the cockpit onto a sucker stick (plastic tubes I use for all of my bases, etc) and wrapped paper around the joint while soaking it in glue.  When the paper was dry, I sanded it back down into shape.  It took a lot of effort to make, but it looks great (or so I think).  I even distressed the right hand side of the ship (where the cockpit on a YT-1300 should join up) to disguise the changes.

The Gladius-class Light Cruiser is the successor to the Bayonet-class Light Cruiser, being being an marked improvement on the aging Bayonet design.  The Gladius menacing shape was later borrowed from to produce the Executor and other Super Star Destroyers.  So, I finally found something to do with my old Micro Machines SSD that I had sitting around.  This pic is from here, because it was late, and I just couldn't get a clean looking photo of my for the life of me.  But whatever, all I did to it was base it.

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