Thursday, July 3, 2014

Under a Dark Sun: Session 16

Session 16:

Adventure name: The Year of Priest's Defiance

Current PCs / NPCs
Grom Dunestalker - Half-Giant Psionic Warrior (PC)
Lain - Half-Elf Bard (NPC)
Sadiria - Half-Elf Wilder (NPC)
Russk - Mul (stated as a Half-Orc) Fighter (NPC)

The session open with our heroes lost, standing at the edge of a dune. A few days earlier, they had set out from Outpost Three with their shipment of obsidian, headed for Urik.  A sudden sandstorm in the night separated the group from the caravan.  Now, as they watch the sun break over the horizon, they glimpse something wondrous.  Last night's winds have uncovered an ancient structure, still intact.  As they look on, fresh green grass sprouts up from in front of the building to spread across the small dell between dunes.  Bereft of options, the group decides they must investigate.