Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Battle Pics from 8/14/12

I got a chance to play a large-ish three sided game earlier this month and took lots of pictures.  Sadly, there are no detailed notes as to what occurred.

Initial set-up.  The battle was set up as a engagement between the Rebels and the Empire, which was interrupted by a battle group of Separatist droids.  Lost in hyperspace due to a jump miscalculation for 20+ years, the confused droids immediately engaged both enemy fleets.

The Rebel and Imperial fleets moved up to engage each other, while the Separatists hung back behind an asteroid field, allowing the two fleets to wear each other down.  It was a cunning (and infuriating) tactical move.

At this point, a temporary truce was struck between the Rebels and Imperials, as both the ISD Admonitor and Home One were w/o shields and the Separatists decided to come out and play. 
The game was taking long enough that we ended it here and resumed playing the next week.

At this point, the Invisible Hand has lost most of her support ships, but has been pounding the helpless (no functional Shields or Fire Controls or Thrust - dead in space and useless) Admonitor for several turns.  A punitive bombing run destroys the Invisible hand for her commander's dishonorable actions (really, the Imperial commander - me - got pissed at having to continue making system damage checks on a giant, useless ship and decided to take it out on the Separatist command ship).

Here the Carrack cruiser and ISD are both incapable of firing on Home One.  The captain of the Imperial Escort Carrier decides to take refuge in the asteroid field.
This move allows the TIE Bombers to safely reload with torpedoes for another bombing run on Home One.

Home One begins to try and maneuver around the asteroid field, and then gives up.  Fortunately for the Rebels, the bombing run is unsuccessful.
Terms of surrender are offered from the captain of the Imperial Escort Carrier to the Rebel commander.

It was a good game, if a bit long.  I definitely need a bigger mat.

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