Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick Battle Report

Played a quick Clone Ware era game last week. I didn't take notes, so there's mostly just photos.

Round 1, Initial.

Round 2, Start of Turn.

Round 3, Start of Turn.

Round 4, Start of Turn:  By the end of this turn, the Munificent-class Star Frigate "Fiscal" (up and to the right of center) takes heavy damage and has lost all of her Thrust.  That's especially bad in this case, because that means the Fiscal can't maneuver or slow down, and is moving at 5 squares per turn.  If it doesn't get a successful repair roll on it's Thrust, it will go off the mat and be destroyed.

Round 5, Start of Turn: The Fiscal manages to partially repair her engines, and is slowly reducing her's speed, but it may not be enough.  During this round, the Droid Control Ship takes a combined bombing run from two Naboo Bombers (green and on top of it) and a  H-60 Tempest (top right corner).  The H-60's torpedoes are especially effective, bringing down the ship's shields and causing serious damage.

Round 6, Start of Turn:  The Fiscal continues to move out of the engagement zone.  The Droid Control Ship makes a desperate attack run at the Republic's Venator, but the maneuver is for nought....The Droid Control ship is quickly destroyed .

Round 6, End of Turn: The Fiscal has slowed and turned, but it will be impossible to keep from going off the mat next round, and so is effective destroyed.  We ended the game here because it was getting late, and the two squadrons of Vulture Droids and one Trade Federation Lander were doomed.  I expected this game to go more in the Separatist's favor, but that bombing run by the H-60 got though (usually that fighter squadron dies as soon as it's depolyed - for good reason), and that hanged thing a lot.

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