Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Battle Rep from 7/22/12

Played a Rebels vs. Imperials game this weekend with my Nephew.  This game me a chance to try out the stats on my "new" Bulk Cruisers.

Round 1, Initial.

Round 2, Start of turn:  The Sundered Heart and rebel marauder take scattered pot shots at the ISD Admonitor.  The Imperials return fire, resulting in the CR90 Emancipator getting hulled (no appreciable damage, though) and the Sundered Heart taking multiple Ion hits.

Round 3, Start of turn: A burst of fire from the Immobilizer causes a hull breach on the Inexorable (light systems damage is sustained).  The Admonitor follows up and again hulls the Inexorable and breaches the Sundered Heart's hull, disabling most of the Sundered Heart's systems (including Thrust, leaving it dead in space). The Indomitable, the Implacable, and the Sundered Heart concentrate their fire on the Immobilizer, with the resulting hull breach taking out a Shield and PD (point defense gun).

Round 4, Start of turn: A bombing runs manages to inflict two hull breaches on the Immobilizer (with help from a torpedo salvo form the Rebel Medium Transports). Almost all ship's systems are damaged, including all of the Thrust, and a salvo from the Rebel  Marauder Solidarity finishes off the Immobilizer.  In retaliation, the Admonitor inflicts heavy damage on the Solidarity and fires a Ion barrage into the Implacable.  Combined fire from the rest of the Rebel capitol ships very nearly breaches the ISD's hull, despite it's full shields.

Round 5, Mid-turn: The Admonitor inflicts hull breaches on both the Flurry and the Implacable, followed by an Ion barrage further targeting the Implacable, leaving the Bulk Cruiser defenseless and useless.  A retaliatory bombing run on the ISD finally breaches the ship's hull, causing the loss of many ship's systems.  The Immobilizer is targeted by it's own bombing run which, augmented by torpedoes from the Medium Transports, destroys the ship.

Round 6, Start of turn: The Admonitor lashes out at the Rebel while it still can, blowing another hole through Solidarity's hull, destroying the Inexorable, raking the Flurry with Ion hits, and finally disabling all ship's system on the Solidarity (leaving it dead in space).  The barrage is not enough, as the bombing run that follows punches further holes in the ISD's hull.

Round 7, Start of turn: Devoid of any of her fighter screen, the ISD is repeatedly pounded by the Rebel ships and fighters, causing massive damage (leaving only one Fire Control, one Shield emitter, and one Turbolaser battery). 

Round 7, End of turn: The remaining Imperial officers scuttle the ship, rather than surrender to the Rebel Alliance.

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