Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Ships Arrive! (finally...)

So, I finally got my printer fixed, so now I can get around to finishing up the stat cards for my newest ships.  And now here's the pics.

Comparison shot of my old Venator (by WotC) and my newly acquired one (Titanium series, I think).  Not really proportioned the same, but it'll do.  Accompanying them are my Nu-class Attack Shuttles, the plans came from here

Here are my two new Victory Star Destroyers (papercraft; plans also from here).  I'm now back up to three VSD's, all now an appropriate size.  They're alongside my two new Turbulent-class Star Destroyers (Micro Machines ISD's), and my new papercraft Imperial Escort Carrier.

Slight touch-ups on the paint job delayed my 4th Bulk Cruiser's completion for a while (and then it got bottle-necked with everything else).  I finally got a Assault Frigate Mark II done, it doesn't look much like the one from SW:EaW (which seems like a good thing to me).  I always thought it was stupid that (in universe) they build AF2's from scratch, so instead I molded the front half of a Dreadnought (from here), sanded the front down to be rounded instead of angular, and modified it from there.  I pretty happy with it. 

Here you can better see the maneuvering fins (wings?), extra big weapons blisters, and under-slung weapons pods.  I trimmed down the weapons pods so they weren't so ridiculously big in comparison to the rest of the ship.

My Naboo in-system patrol fighters, two N-X Police Cruisers and two G-1 Starfighters.  Just molds and repaints of the standard N-1, but I'm working on building up a (semi-canon) Naboo space force.  These should mix things up a bit, both color-wise and being that they aren't hyperspace capable (and so will have to launch from a carrier).

Here a TIE Hunter and a TIE Droid squadron escort a squadron of TIE Advanced Heavy Bombers.  The name for the bombers is a bit of a stretch, but they're a combo of TIE Advanced & TIE Bombers, so...

The first of my "Burning Wrecks" ships.  Here, we have a Dreadnought that has been broken is half and is tumbling apart (not that the pics are good enough for you to tell that by looking at it). 

The ship itself is much harder to see in this picture, but the flash really brings out the flames.  You may not be able to see it in the pictures (the small color-rimmed circles in this pic), but I worked the ship over with extensive battle damage.

Another (I'm up to 5 now) SoroSubb fighter (from WotC), a H-Wing and a M-Wing.  As you can probably tell, the H-Wing and M-Wing are kit-bashed from Micro Machines Y-Wings.

Two new Uglies.  A XY-Wing (that i may have posted here before, but now it's done!), and a "Scatterfire".  The Scatterfire has the fuselage of a Y-Wing, the larger wing-body of a B-Wing, and the S-Foils of a X-Wing.  I got the idea from here, but I cut down the B-Wing segments so the ship didn't look stupidly huge.  The other change I made was using S-Foils from a X-Wing instead of from a B-Wing.

 Here you can see the B-Wing segments better, even if the picture's quality is much worse.

A Y-'Ceptor (which I think I have also previously posted) and a new ugly, a TYYE-Wing (no, I couldn't come up with a better name at the time...).  Inspiration came from the fighters from Babylon 5.

A V-38 Dagger starfighter and a Drexl-class starfighter.  The Drexl is a precursor to the Preybird-class starfighter (which is itself clearly a homage to the Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek).  I painted the feathered paint job to tie the Drexl and Preybirds (soon to come) together visually as well as thematically.

 The V-38 Dagger is kinda of a funny thing for me, mostly because of how the Star Wars EU works.  There is the V-38 starfighter, and the Dagger-class starfighter, both of which were precursors to the TIE Phantom.  It seems to me that the V-38 is really the TIE Phantom before they added all the experimental tech, which really makes it the Dagger Mark 2 or the Phantom mark 0.  But that just a nerd-rage issue, the ship looks good (it had better, considering how hard it was for me to get that red line on there straight).

To make the V-38 Dagger, I just used the mold I was previously using to make TIE Phantoms, inserted the extra-long engine, and then filed inside surfaces of the wings down/out in the right places - which was tricky).

Here we see the Stinger and IG-2000 (both re-mounted Micro Machines) squaring off against the Jade's Fire and the Deathraven.  Deathraven was made by sticking two (Micro Machines) B-Wing remolds together (very carefully) with one cockpit in the center, while Jade's Fire is a remold of the Micro Machines Lady Luck.  You can't see it from this angle, but I was pretty proud of the way I mounted the Deathraven.  It's supported by thick brass rod (i.e., coat hanger), bent into a V shape, which then was inserted where the mounting pegs would have originally been.  It looks very slick.

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