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Under a Dark Sun: Session 11

Session 11: (8/07/13)

Adventure name: Last Stand at Outpost Three

Current PCs / NPCs
Grom Dunestalker - Half-Giant Psionic Warrior (PC)
Lain - Half-Elf Bard (NPC)
Sadiria - Half-Elf Wilder (NPC)
Russk - Mul (stated as a Half-Orc) Fighter (NPC)

We rejoin our group on the morning of their second day under siege at Outpost Three.  While manning the walls during the morning watch, the group is approached by caravan master Laalarash.  Laalarash is touring the walls to bolster morale.  After a brief conversation, the caravan master suggests sending the party out as a strike force to harry the elves.

Outpost commander Gorgoreth soon comes by to take stock of the group, as Laalarash has ordered Gorgoreth to handle the logistics of using the party as a elite strike team. After a brief conversation, the outpost commander agrees to setup a plan to use the group to conduct sorties against the elves, but also suggests that if they could get to the chiefs somehow, the elves leaders might be open to a more diplomatic solution.

Later that same day, the party is called to the medical tent.  It turns out that one of the elven raiders was taken alive (barely) and is awaiting interrogation; Gorgoreth feels that the party might be able to interrogate the elf more successfully than the outpost's regular guards.  After a combination of Lain's diplomatic skills and Russk's intimidation, the elf gives his name as Alie-Ake and tells the assembled defenders that the Swiftwing tribe is strong in number and pure in spirit - and so they shall prevail. Under threat of being locked in a packing crate, the elven warrior blanches and agrees to provide the group with a detailed map of the surrounding area. With the day nearly gone, it is agreed that the party will sally forth the next day to harass the elves.

When leaving the hospital tent, a call goes out from the look-out tower: a duststorm is bearing down on the outpost and will arrive within the hour!  After helping to pull down some of the tents, the party is assigned to shelter in one of the warehouses. After letting the PC's into the warehouse, Gorgoreth tells the party that House reinforcements from Urik will be arriving in three days, but "If they can't reach shelter, the storm will wipe them out."  With that, the outpost commander shuts the warehouse door against the howling wind and stinging grit, leaving the group alone in the storm.

An hour later (about when nightfall should have occurred), a crack-boom resounds through the warehouse, even audible over the omnipresent roar of the duststorm! A elf leaps through the broken door, looking strangely pale and glassy eyed - a zombie! The undead creature takes position in the nearest corner of the warehouse, and fires on Russk with it's bow, wounding him.  Russk charges the elf, but the blow with his magical mace practically bounces off the creature, causing little damage.  another elf crawls through the door and moves to attack Russk, scoring another hit on the mul.  Grom charges this newest enemy, but misses badly.  a third elf comes into the warehouse, but moves to the other corner, and shoots with his bow at Lain.  one last zombie elf comes in through the savaged door and moves to attack Grom.  enraged by the sudden attack on her ally, Sadiria blasts the zombie that shot Lain with an Energy Ray, the flames consume the undead elf immediately.

As Lain retreats to heal his wounds, Grom and Russk has a hard time of it, barely managing to land hits on their foes, while the zombie elves keep pounding at the duo with their fists.  after nearly getting his neck ripped open by a zombie's bite, Russk retreats a ways to consume a healing potion and have Lain use his Wand of Healing on him.  This allows Grom to step back a pace and allow Sadiria the opening/room/word goes here she needs to blast another of the elves with psychokinetic fire, destroying it utterly.

When he returns to the melee, Russk maneuvers around some crates to out-flank the remaining zombies.  While Russk still can't manage to hit the foul creatures the distraction allows Grom and Sadiria to put the last two zombies to rest with relative ease.

As the party heals up from the battle, they begin to hear a pounding coming from the trapdoor in the ceiling...

Outstanding Plot Hooks:
  • Who are these elves, and why are they attacking?
  • Why are there undead elves accosting the outpost now?
  • Can our protagonists survive the night?
  • Will our party survive to reach Urik? 

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