Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Ships, Part 1 (8-27-13)

Here are some pics of the latest ships I've finished.  Enjoy.

An "Imperial-style" Dreadnaught and Strike Cruiser.  The Strike Cruiser is another mis-molded ship that I fixed up from here.

The feature that makes the Dreadnought "Imperial" is the small conn tower sticking up from the center of the ship.  That part got lost somehow when I washed all the parts before assembling the Dreadnaught.  I had to rebuild the central dorsal section of the ship with green-stuff.  I think it turned out fine though.

Here we can see a Naboo Champion-class Cruiser.  Put into limited service after the 1st Battle of Naboo, the Champion-class Cruisers were used to defend sovereign Naboo space (at least until the Rise of the Empire).

In reality, this miniature is a Action Fleet Naboo Royal Starship that i got for Christmas a while ago.  I had wanted the Macro Machines-sized ship to use as a shuttle, but got this one due to the fact that the seller failed to post the measurements.  Anyway, I had wanted to get a capitol ship for the Naboo anyway, so now here it is.
I still intend to get a bunch of Naboo Micro Machines in the shuttle-size range, given the chance.  I hope to have a whole fleet at some point.

The Unstoppable started life as the prototype for the Neutron Star class of Bulk Cruisers.  Unfortunately,  Rendili StarDrive sub-contracted the work out to a smaller, little-known design firm.  Mistakes were made, and the units were left off the design specs. 
Construction began, and the errors were not noticed until the ship's superstructure was nearly completed.  All of the components were already ordered and on-route.  A work stoppage was ordered by the executives at  Rendili StarDrive, but the particular sub-contracting design firm was noted for the obsessive-compulsiveness of their employees, who would not stop until they completed the ship. 

Delivery was made, and  Rendili StarDrive could do nothing but pay for their new 12x too big prototype vessel. Dubbed the "Unstoppable Ship" by one  Rendili StarDrive VP, she was used mostly to defend Rednili holdings during the Clone Wars.

This is a Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser from Utar ships.  Utar released this model about the same time I had finished molding my Bulk Cruisers, so when I finally got this miniature, I decided I had to do something with it (it looks too good not to).

As you can see here in this comparison pic, the Unstoppable is MUCH bigger than my Bulk Cruisers.  But, who cares.... It looks amazing.

Here we can see two Arquitens-class Light Cruisers.  They were kit-bashed, the front end from a Venator-class Star Destroyer and the rear engine section from a Consular-class Cruiser.
I've been working on these ships for quite some time, trying to get them put together just right.  Several different sized ships of the same type can be purchased here, but I wasn't happy with the sizing of the choices.
I believe I got the idea to mold these ships in this way from here (thanks RogueKnight).

That's it for now. When i get a chance, I'll post pics of the various fighters I also got finished.

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