Sunday, April 21, 2013

Under a Dark Sun: Session 6

Session 6: (4/18/13)

Adventure name: The Burning Plague

Current PCs / NPCs
Grom Dunestalker - Half-Giant Psionic Warrior (PC)
Lain - Half-Elf Bard (NPC)
Sadiria - Half-Elf Wilder (NPC)
Russk - Mul (stated as a Half-Orc) Fighter (NPC)

The adventure starts with the party having rested after defeated a nest of monstrous centipedes and gathered up the remaining supplies from a ruined House Klethira caravan.  As the party hitches up the draft animals and deliver the caravan's contents, they see a figure approaching on the horizon.  It their old dwarven weapons trainer Flint.  Now his body is gaunt and pale beneath his armor, and his eyes burn with unholy hatred.  The party destroys the revenant, but not before it gets in a vicious blow on Grom and paralyzing him with a single look.

When the group finishes loading the wagon and hitching up the team, they begin traveling towards the Ringing Mountains.  The road terminates at the stockade surrounding the new House Klethira obsidian mine and the settlement of Duvik’s Pass.

After looking around the town, the party encounters Father Samual, a cleric of air living in / near town.  Samual suggests the party is the "heroes of legend" and that perhaps they can end the plague affecting the town.  Their response was along the lines of 'the what now?'  It turns out the town is suffering from the effects of a plague that has spread to t he entire populace, and that all miners and guards that have been sent into the mine have not come back.

Soon enough, the group goes to speak to the mine's administrator and Klethira agent, Stefan Doverspeak.  They accept a House commission to deal with whatever is going on in the mines, and identify and nullify the source of the plague.  The enslaved villagers were assigned to work int he mines and have not returned.  However, if the issue with the mine can be resolved by the party, Agent Doverspeak has agreed to trade with the villagers of Dorian's Well and not enslave them again.

The party goes into the mines, and soon encounters (and kills) a small group of halflings.

Outstanding Plot Hooks:
  • What are halflings (who usually live in the rain forest on the other side of the mountains) doing in an obsidian mine?
  • Why has no one returned from the mines?  Are the halflings involved?
  • What is causing the so called "Burning Plague"?

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