Monday, April 15, 2013

New Ships, part 2 (4-15-13)

These ships were part of the batch I got finished the other day, but there were so many ships that I just split up the update, rather than delay it any longer.

Corellian Gunships from Utar Ships.  They're good looking, crisp models.  Each one is slightly different, so I'm pretending they represent a DP20a, DP20b, and DP20c.  But really, I'm giving them all the same ship stats.

I simply painted the ships my standard grey, then gave them a ink wash and painted the engine exhasut light blue.  Nice, simple, and pretty.

Here we can see an Imperial Carrack threatening two Corellian Star Shuttles.

The Carrack is also from Utar Ships.  It got the same paint job as the Corellian Gunships.  You'd never know it, but I accidentally drilled through the top of the ship when I drilled out the hole for the base.  I ended up having to patch it and rebuild a bit of the to of the ship.
The Star Shuttles are scratch-built, except for recycled engines from a WotC Consular-class cruiser

It took forever for me to get the main hull just the way I wanted it.

Here is another  Zylon Marauder Fighter from Studio Bergstrom.  This one was inspired by a random thought I had after looking at the Cylon fighters I had previously made. I was surprised at how much the miniature's profile looked like Samus Aran's ship from the Metroid games.  So, I got an extra mini and painted it up.  The paint scheme isn't exactly representative of any particular version of the ship, but I feel like it odes suggest Samus's gunship when you look at it.

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