Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Under a Dark Sun: Session 2

Session 1: (2/13/13)
Adventure name: A Dark and Stormy Knight

Current PCs / NPCs
Grom Dunestalker - Half-Giant Psionic Warrior (PC)
Lain - Half-Elf Bard (NPC)
Sadiria - Half-Elf Wilder (NPC)
Russk - Mul (stated as a Half-Orc) Fighter (NPC)

As the adventure starts, the party is wander aimlessly in the desert simply trying to survive to heal from their wounds.  As the day progresses, the party begins to suspect that something is stalking them.  Later, one of the party members catches a glint of the sun off metal from their pursuer.  They decide to lay a trap for whoever is stalking them, hiding behind a large boulder.  Soon, Flint the dwarven weapons trainer, rounds the bend, having followed the party from slave compound.  The party slays him in only 1 round, but with his dying breath, he cuts down Grom Dunestalker, nearly killing him.
After using up almost all of the party's healing abilities patching up Grom, the party spends a few days barely surviving in the desert before a sandstorm blows in.  Seeking shelter, the party comes upon a tor with a shallow cave in it.  Hiding in the cave, the party finds a door leading deeper into the hill.

Inside, the party has run-ins with a group of rats, and a quartet of elven raiders.  Badly hurt after dealing with the elves, the party finds a quiet room to rest in.  Inside, they find a trapped stone chest containing a handful of metal coins (a treasure trove in the world of Dark Sun).

Outstanding Plot Hooks:
  • Parts of the tomb are still unexplored.

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