Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Ships (3-04-13)

Got some new ships finished and ready for pictures.  Enjoy!

Here we can a Vengeance-class frigate facing off vs. two modified Action VI transports.  As a backdrop, we can see the Death Star approaching a small jungle moon.

The Vengeance-class frigate was made by a buddy of mine out of mostly wood scraps.  I then put some finishing touches on it and painted it.
The Death Star is from the Lego Planets series. 
Here we can see two versions of the Wild Karrde, the one on the left being my homemade one, and the on on the right being by Wizards of the Coast.  I'm going to repurpose my version as a standard Action VI transport, I think.  The jungle planet is the Lego Yavin 4.

Here, a wing of Cloakshape fighters squares off against several Cylon-class Raider fighters.
The Cloakshapes include two standard Cloakshape fighters, a Whitecloak fighter, and a Cloakshape bomber the design of which was influenced by somebody's pic on the Internet (if you know, please comment and I'll include a link). 

To make the bomber, I chopped the tail section off a standard Cloakshape.
Despite the pictures, the Whitecloak looks great.  The colors turned out very crisp after I inked the mini, which was a nice surprise, because staring at a white and yellow mini is sometimes hard on the eyes.
Manufactured by a small and little known corporation for the Separatist Navy during the Clone Wars, the Cylon-class Raider was originally employed to supplement the Confederacy's supply of droid bombers (such as the Hyena droids) until droid-bomber production could be increased.  Droid pilots operated the craft from a standard humanoid-appropriate cockpit.  Cylon Raiders can still be found in use throughout the galaxy and since they were never well known craft, there is no stigma associated with their use (unlike other craft favored by the Separatists). 

These pewter miniatures are Zylon Marauder Fighters from Studio Bergstrom (the 1" models, not the fleetscale ones).  Good quality, very minor imperfections for the most part.

Here's a pair of A-9 Vigilance Interceptors. I order them from Shapeways, and like the Defenders that I also got from Shapeways, these little guys drank up paint (even after two layers of clear coat), making it hard to paint them.

I tried painting thees ships white, but it looked awful, so they're actually an off-white / light grey that I've used before on my Rebel Assault Frigates.  I can barely tell the difference, and I think it turned out pretty good.
Due to the big, under-slung gun on the A-9s, I had to get creative with how I based these guys.  I ended up drilling the hole at a 45° angle into the bottom-rear of the ship and bending some brass rod (i.e., coat hook) into a bendy shape.  Then I made some very angled bases, so in the end, the center of mass for the ships was still right over the center of the base.

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