Friday, February 22, 2013

New Ships (2-22-13)

So, I think I got these ships finally finished over Christmas break, but RL has been so crazy lately that I haven't had time to post them.  Enjoy!

Here we can see a mixed New Republic flight group squaring off against several TIE fighters. 

In the back of the TIE formation, we've got a TIE Vanguard that I kit-bashed together.  I cut the usual TIE wings in half then rejoined them at an angle.  Up front, we have two TIE Fighter Aces (as denoted by the horizontal wing markings).

Here we have the New Republic fleet: three Defender starfighters, a Modified Strike Cruiser, and two Toscan 8-Qs.
I got the Defenders from Shapeways, but like with some other minis I have purchased from there, got them made from  "Strong, White and Flexible".  That type of plastic is not very smooth, and drinks paint.  What a pain...
Here we see a Modified Strike Cruiser.  I made it myself from scratch, both because I wanted to see if I could do it, and because I didn't have the heart to hack up one of Utar's Strike Cruisers.  The 'wings' are 1/4 bass wood, and the gravity well generators are round wooden beads.  I added plated hull armor at the section joints because I figured that with the regularity the Rebels destroy Strike Cruisers, they wouldn't want to deal with the usual weak spots.

Here we can see two Toscan 8-Q fighters.  I kit bashed them using the cockpit and rear fuselage from a Y-Wing (as appropriate), but cut out the "neck" of the Y-Wing, then just joined the pieces back together.  The wings are made of sheet styrene.

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