Friday, January 25, 2013

New Ships (1-15-13)

I got a chance over the holiday break to finish up some of my ships (finally), so here they are.

I made these Nebulon B's from scratch. 

I did this because I also wanted to make some Nebulon B2's (with the proper engine configuration). Almost everyone I've seen that has made Nebulon-B2's has just slapped an extra pod on the under side of the front (including professional model making websites - I'm looking at you, Starship Modeler / Odyssey Slipways).

Also in this build was the carrier variant, the Kalla's Stanchion (located front and center in this picture). Equipped with a thicker, more heavily armored connecting spar, and several extra hanger bays, I thought it would be interesting to have on the gaming table.

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