Friday, October 19, 2012

Star Trek: Fleet Captains - First Game

So, I received Star Trek: Fleet Captains for my anniversary, a few months ago, but having actually got a chance to play a full game until now.  Some pictures to follow.

Simply put, ST:FC is a game for 2-4 players with two factions (at least for now), the Klingons and the Federation.  You overturn randomized location tiles as your ships explore them, possibly triggering encounters.  Encounters can be beneficial, harmful, or even bring you closer to victory on occasion.

 Karl, running the Klingons.

Victory is achieved by gaining enough victory points, which are won from either completing missions (that come form mission cards you draw) or successfully resolving encounters. 

The Federation fleet moving out to explore the quadrant. 

The size and make up of your fleet is determined by random draw from a pool of ships, where each ship is worth a certain number of points (1-6 points) and the final total point value of your fleet is equal to the number of Victory Points you'll need to ultimately win the game.

Just like in the show, the Federation fleet has focused on exploration, while the Klingons are digging in and fortifying their bases.

As an example, for this game, we had picked a game size of 10 points.  So we needed 10 VP to win, and our fleet size was to be 10 points.  I had the Federation, and random card draw for Fed. ships got me the Reliant (2 points), the Voyager (4 points), and the Prometheus (6 points) for 10 points.  Karl drew several Birds of Prey (which are worth 2 points I think) and one larger ship and a smaller 1 point ship, so he had more ships, and so a bigger fleet, but most of his ships were weaker than mine.

The quadrant has been explored.  A battle for victory points begins.

All in all, I'd say I enjoy Star Trek:Fleet Captains.  It has it's weak points (less robust that I'd like cards, unpainted ships, etc) and you can find better reviews else where on the 'net, but overall I like the game and will continue to play it when I get a chance.

I  will say that I was disappointed that the ships aren't painted.  They are all either a flat grey (Federation) or green (Klingons).  I plan to paint them all up and detail the ships so they stand out a bit more eventually.  And I'll post pics of the ships at a later date.

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