Monday, October 22, 2012

New Ships - Part 1

I finished a bunch of ships a while ago, but have been so busy that I couldn't find the time to post pictures.  Here they are (finally).

The Arc Hammer, a Turbulent-class Star Destroyer Mark II, and a TIE Aggressor

The TIE Aggressor is made from the body of Vader's TIE Advanced (from Micro Machines) and rearranged TIE Interceptor wing panels.  The wings were very hard to make straight, because they look angled pretty much no matter what.

The Arc Hammer is scratch-built from popsicle sticks, plastic test tubes, and Miliput (similar to Green Stuff). 

I wanted to make the Arc Hammer really big, without making it look menacing or actually capable in battle.  I've assigned Full Thrust stats to it to make it just a bit more powerful than a Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer.

This Turbulent-class Star Destroyer Mark II is a miniature from here.  I ordered it without actually looking at the dimensions, hoping it would be the same size as the WotC Imp. Star.  It was not.  It is in fact just a bit bigger than the Micro Machines ISD (that I'm using as Turbulent-class SD's), so I made it a Mark II.  The amount of detail on the ship is great, but the website is a pain to deal with.  The webpage is formatted REALLY badly, the ships that are painted look badly done (i.e., as if I had done them when I first started doing miniatures), and all the ships are in a scale range that is nearly useless for me.  That said, all the actual miniatures I've seen from "Drew Bergstrom have lots of great, crisp detail.  The prices are reasonable, delivery is quick (also very inexpensive), and the proprietor is great to deal with via email.

An A-Wing Ace and a Ugly pair off over a M-class moon.  The "moon" is Naboo from the Lego Planets series.

The A-Wing is a re-mold of the Micro Machines A-Wing.  I molded it to be able to modify one for idea I had, guilt free (the WotC A-Wing was too small for what I had in mind).

Here we can see a Spyder-class Ugly starfighter.  Seen mostly during/just after the Clone Wars, these Uglies were usually built from the "wings" of Vulture droids and the fuselage of a Sorosuub Cutlass-9 fighter.

I got the idea to make this ship from here, I think.  It's been a while.  Back when I made two of my own Sorosuub's, I had one ship that didn't have the wings mold at all, so I did this with it.

Ok, well that's all for now.  I've got a bunch more ships finished yet, so I'll try and post pics of them soon.

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