Friday, September 21, 2012

Battle Rep. from 9/10/12

So, last week or so, I got a chance to play Star Wars Full Thrust again, and remembered to take notes.  So, enjoy!

Initial Set-up

Round 1.  Imperial forces eager for battle move up on the Rebel position surprisingly quickly.

Round 2, Reaction Move.  After this photo was taken, the Wavesong nearly hulls the Enforcer with it's turbolasers the Enforcer retaliates with a Torpedo salve before suffering a devastating bombing run and two hull breaches.  The Implacable also turns her guns on the Enforcer, forcing the Acclamator through another row of damage and causing another hull breach (from which the Enforcer loses nearly all of it's systems, including Thrust).  The Vindicator dumps turbolaser fire into the Wavesong, causing severe damage.

Round 3.  At the beginning of the round, the Enforcer collides with an asteroid, being completely devoid of Thrust.  The Admonitor fires a barrage of Ion shots into the Storm Wind (Rebel Assault Cruiser, Mark II), completely collapsing the Storm Wind's shields.  A retaliatory bombing run follows, dealing massive damage to the ISD and breaching the hull.   Concentrated fire from the Farstar, Storm Wind and Implacable breaches the hull of the Admonitor once again, causing considerable damage with a combination of turbolasers and torpedoes.

 Round 4.  The Storm Wind continues it's relentless assault on the Admonitor, finally crippling the Star Destroyer and effectively taking it out of the battle. 

Round 5.  The Vindicator fires on the Storm Wind, hulling the Assault Frigate.  The Storm Wind and Wavesong lay down a withering barrage of fire, hulling the Vindicator and causing large-scale systems failure on the Imperial Heavy Cruiser.  Soon after, the Imperial commander signals his surrender.

Update: In a mission debriefing the Rebel commander reported that the skill and bravery of his snub-fighter pilots were largely responsible for the Rebel battle group carrying the day.

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