Friday, October 26, 2012

New Ships - Part 2

Ok, so here's second of my latest ships.

Here we can see a Rebel fleet making an assault run on an Imperial Tector-class Star Destroyer.
The Tector-class Star Destroyer is basically an ISD with more armor, and no hanger.  Mine is from Studiobergstrom, and it went together pretty well.  I'll probably get a few more at some point.

With all the new Rebel ships I've been making lately, I was getting worried that I didn't have enough X-Wings and Y-Wings (which sounds silly, but they're supposed to make-up the majority of rebel fighters until long into the New Republic).  So I made some more. 

The X-Wings are molded just like usual, using preexisting molds of a Micro Machine.  For the Y-Wings, I made a new (better and silicone) mold.  I'm really happy with how the Y-Wings turned out.

Also seen here is my newest Corellian kitbash/chop-job, the Corellian Light Destroyer.  I'm using it as more of a "light frigate" than a "Heavy Corvette". 

I simply made it by molding two Micro Machines CR90's, then cutting the center section out of one, turning it around, and inserting it behind the center section of the 2nd ship (the two middle sections are back to back).  A bit of patching with Milliputt, and it was good to go.

With these newest additions to my Rebel fleet, I will be able to have a better ratio of X & Y-Wings to other (less popular or well known) fighters if/when I do large scale games in a group location.

I'm especially happy with the squadron colors on the Y-Wing cockpits.  I had been lining the whole thing in a sort of U shape, but this time I just did lines on the right and left.  It looks much better.

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