Monday, April 2, 2012

A Pile of New Stuff

It's been a wile since i posted anything, but I've been busy making ships, with little time to make up stat cards or take pictures.  (Note: anything I post like this, not in a game, is newly made)

My TIE Droids, accompanied by a few more regular TIEs.  I kit-bashed TIE Bomber wings to make the TIE Droid wings, it took forever.  I decided I liked the way the standard view-port looked when painted red more than I cared for the idea of modifying the details on the window.  I think they look good.

Three new CR90 Corellian Corvettes.  I tried inking this batch, I think it looks fine.  Not necessarily better than w/o ink, but just different.  They are rounding a small moon I recently made.  The planetoid has seen some serious meteoroid impacts in the past.

I made it from a 4-inch diameter foam ball, cut in half.  I primed it before i coated it with Modge Podge, to open up the foam cells and give it a chewed up look.  Painted grey, then heavily inked and then dry brushed grey again.

 A small fleet of Vulture Droids, escorting two Hyena Droids past a moon or small planetoid.

The planetoid is made from the other half the same foam ball, except I coated it fully before priming it.  It was painted the same way as the grey moon, but with a "Red Oxide" color.  I think it came out looking great.  I really like the variation in color and "shadowing" that just kind of developed on its own for this one.

I now have enough Vulture droids that I can use the two that I already had with the blue/grey paint job (CIS markings) as Mark II's (which will be Aces for Full Thrust) and replace them with two of the newly made ones.

 A fleet of Pirate Frigates rounding a M-class planet.  I conflated the two different versions to get an appearance I could live with (and make).  i scratch-built a prototype out of plasticard (the wings), popsicle sticks glued together (main body and engine intakes), toothpicks (thrusters) and cereal-box cardboard (to give the "hood" on the front end).  Then molded and cast the other 4 out of the usual 2-part resin I use.  Primed grey, dry-brushed a muddy color.

The planet was made from a closed-cell foam ball (which is to say that the smaller foam balls have a scratchy, open feel to them where-as the bigger foam ball feels smooth, like a foam plate), coated with Modge Podge and painted up.  Took me the better part of 9 hours to paint it, and I'm impressed with how it turned out.  Next, I think I need to do a gas giant.

A Genosian starfighter, a  Utapaun starfighter, a Techno Union starfighter, and two Trade Federation Landing craft.  The C-9979's are papercraft, and the other ships I got for my anniversary recently.  I've started using the Utapaun starfighters as both bombers (which they totally look like, don't lie) and Rogue-class starfighters, depending on which card I'm using.

Three of my scratch-built Bulk Cruisers escort a ancient Battlecrusier.  The Bulk cruisers were kit-bashed from the back halves of Dreadnoughts (from here), then green-stuff modified.  And I carved a few extra panel separations to give the armor the right look.  I'm happy with the way they turned out.

Utar makes a very different looking sculpt of this same ship, which looks great, but I thought it looked way too big.  And to be honest, it doesn't look enough like a P.O.S. to me, not like the ones from Rebellion.  Also, i started working on my prototype before he posted his on his site, or I might have just caved and bought some of his.

I thought this pic of the engines looks fairly amazing, considering I did nothing special to take it.  The engine wash really stands out nicely here.

The Battlecrusier is an old Redeili battleship for Republic, brought out of mothballs for the Clone Wars (and then again for battle against the Rebelion/New Republic).  No, actually it's this.  But it looked cool and fits nicely with the Dreadnoughts and Bulk Cruisers.  As for the model itself, I though it was ok.  Good detail, and nice plastic/resin to work with, but some pretty minor molding flows that looked like the kind of mistakes I make when I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing.  Which is sorta lame, because I paid money for this.  And it took forever for it to get made and show-up.  But I'm still very happy with it.

 More Micro Machines.  And a SoroSuub fighter.  The SoroSuub is WotC, and I also got it for my anniversary (along with the Hound's Tooth).

A Micro Machines ISD, repurposed as a Turbulent-class Star Destroyer.  The sizing works much better like this than when I was going to use it as a 3rd VSD.  Also here is a newly-found TIE Interceptor, the Hound's Tooth, and a TIE Hunter.  The TIE Hunter is kit-bashed from a standard TIE body I molded, and TIE Defender wings I sanded the backs off.

A crummy Micro Machines Outrider that I go in a lot of Star Wars toys a while ago.  Repurposed as the Crimson Sword.

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