Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Battle of Despayre, again

We played though the Battle of Despayre again last week.  I took the Rebels this time.  Karl took the Imperials.
 Here's the initial set-up.

Here's Karl.

 Round 1, end of turn.  Both sides begin to deploy fighters.

Round 2, end of turn.  Additional fighters deploy.

Round 3, end of turn.  Last of Imperial fighters have deployed from the Death Star.  Rebel capitol ships have begun to move into firing position (ended turn just outside of max range).

Round 4.  All fighters are outside firing range.  Capitol ships have all moved up to be just outside Ion range.  The Dreadnought "Harrier" puts a torpedo salvo into the Imp. Star Admonitor, while the Admonitor and the VSD Valorum both savage the GR75 Medium Transport "Luminous", destroying her completely.

Round 5.  The fighters move up and begin to lay into each other.  The Rebel Y-Wings and Cloud-Car Uglies move past the Imperial fighter lines and make a concentrated bombing run on the ISD, causing two very serious hull breaches, but somehow failing to damage any systems at all.  In retaliation, the Admonitor cripple the Harrier and the Constrictor (a CR90 corvette) with it's turbolasers, and puts the Lucky Lady (Consular-class Cruiser) out of commission with its Ion shots.

Round 6.  The Admonitor destroys the Harrier with a final turbolaser blast, but is in turn destoyed (with all ships systems still intact, somehow) by continuing massed bombing runs.  A barrage from the Profiteer causes the Valorum a hull breach, but the VSD returns fire, wounding the Lucrehulk and breaching it's hull in return.  The Flurry (Rebel Escort Carrier) fire all it's guns at the Talon, causing the Strike Cruiser it's 2nd hull breach and a great deal of system damage, but The Talon still manages to destroy the Lucky Lady and seriously damage the Flurry.

Round 7.  The Talon continues its attack on the Flurry, further breaching its hull, and destroying all remaining systems, but is in turn destroyed by a bombing run.  The Kyushu manages to use it's few remaining guns to breach the Valorum's already weakened hull, crippling a full half of the Star Destroyer's systems.  The Valorum's return fire destroys the Flurry and its Ion cannons disable the Kyushu's guns and Fire Controls, taking the Escort Carrier out of the battle.  The remaining Rebel fighters bomb the VSD into submission.

End of Game.  The Rebels finish the game with a severely damaged Lucrehulk and a non-responsive Escort Carrier, but most of their fighters have survived the battle unscathed, and are free to destroy the nascent Death Star.  The remaining Imperial fighters quickly surrendered, rather than be stranded out in space with no ride home.

I feel pretty good about this scenario now.  Its been run twice now, with wildly different results.  The wild swing was probably due to the dice rolls, which is about right for this game.

Good game Karl.

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