Monday, April 23, 2012

Raise the Shields!

Replayed the same Clone Wars era battle the other day, the only change being I decided to try giving the larger Republic ships (Acclamators, Venators, and Victories) better shields.   

Initial Setup.

Round 1 - end of turn, Separatists.

Round 1 - end of turn, Republic.

 Round 2 - end of turn, Separatists.

 Round 2 - end of turn, Republic.

 Round 3 - beginning of turn.  Saw light skirmishing between fighter squadrons within the planet's orbital asteroid ring.  Moderate losses to both sides.

Round 3 - end of turn.   Salvoes from both the Harrier (the Dreadnought) and the Dominator (Venator) inflict a quick hull breach on the Invisible Hand, but the effect proves to be minimal.  The Separatist ships return fire, with less effect than one might hope.

Round 4, beginning of turn.  The Valorum (VSD) tears though the Quell's defenses, nearly destroying her outright.  But the Quell ignores the damage, combining Ion attacks with the Invisible Hand to disable all of the Dominator's shields and 3/5 of it's fire controls.  The Invisible Hand fires all of it's turbolasers to cripple the Harrier, leaving it drifting unpowered in space, all systems (and probably crew) dead.  The Fiscal does not hold back, destroying the Botany Bay and disabling the Valorum's shields.

 Round 5, first movement.

 Round 5, after fighter reaction movement.  Slave I manages to drop a Nuclear Mine (represented here by the pink d6 die), damaging all three large Republic capitol ships.  With it's shields down, the Quell takes out the remainder of the Dominator's systems with an Ion barrage, leaving it totally defenseless.  The Valorum answers by finishing off the Fiscal, but succumbs to a devastating series of bombing runs and is destroyed.  The Dominator and Harrier are quickly destroyed by the remaining Separatist ships.

End of game.  We'll have to try other Clone Wars battles to test the effectiveness of the increased shielding for Republic ships.

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