Friday, April 20, 2012

Battle Rep. from last week

Finally got a chance to play a game with my assembled pirate fleet last week. 

Initial, Pirates.  Fleet includes: modified Imperial Escort Carrier, Interceptor Frigates, a Starviper squadron, an Asteroid Base and assorted ugly starfighters (4 TYE-Wings - currently not deployed, 2 Y-TIEs, a X'Ceptor, a Y'Ceptor - a Y-Wing with TIE Interceptor wings, a X-TIE, a XY-Wing - Y-Wing fuselage with X-Wing S-Foils, and a YX-Wing squadron - X-Wing fuselage with Y-Wing engine nacelles).

Initial, Imperials.

 Auggie, very excited about his shirt.

End of Round 1, Pirates.

End of Round 1, Imperials.

Round 2, after Reaction moves;  Pirates.

Round 2, after Reaction moves;  Imperials.

Round 2, End of Turn.  Some fighter losses on both sides.  In the top left corner, the Interceptor Frigate Raider takes a pounding from the Immobilizer, but sees no real loss in systems effectiveness.  After which, Raider and the Corsair team up on the Bra'al (Escort Carrier) for same serious damage.

Round 3, Beginning of Turn.

Round 3, End of Turn: Combined firepower from the Intruder and Corsair destroy the Immobilizer.  The Prowler inflicts heavy damage to the Bra'al, hulling it and leaving it drifting in space.  The Interloper and Burning Claw finish it off.  A lucky long-range torpedo barrage from the Asteroid Base inflicts a hull breach on the ISD Admonitor, to little effect.

Round 4, after Reaction Moves: Like wolves to the slaughter, the assembled Interceptor Frigates quickly finish off the Assassin-class Corvette Florian, while the Admonitor rounds the asteroid field and comes into close range with the pirate's Asteroid Base.  The Imp. Star and her crew pay for that folly with another hull breach, this time taking serious damage.  The Admonitor and her TIES do manage to handily eliminate most of the swarming pirate uglies trying to make bombing runs on her.

Round 4, End of Turn.

Round 5, after Reaction Moves.  The rag-tag pirate fleet moves in for the kill.  In the confusion, nearly all the imperial fighters are destroyed, and a point-blank salvo from the Asteroid Base destroys the ISD before the Interceptor Frigates can even join in the fun.

Reaction: A fairly good game, I like how scary the Interceptor Frigates can be (Auggie had slightly more mixed feelings about them, but did agree that they were scary).  Its easy to use the uglies, mostly because they all are so crummy that you dont' feel bad about misusing them.  We'll have to try this again soon.

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