Monday, February 6, 2012

New Stuff - 2/6/12

Ok, well...New Ships!

Some MicroMachines I recently got.  From R to L: A Turbostorm Gunship (really just a wacky space micromacine i had, but whatever...  It looks enough like a Skipray Blastboat to work), a Skipray Blastboat, the Lady Luck, and a Nebulon-A.  What's a Nebulon-A, you ask?  It's a made-up precurser ship to the Nebulon-B, slightly weaker, and used durring the final days of the Old Republic.  It's actuall the Botany Bay, but I saw it and could only think that that is what a Nebulon-A would have looked like.

The Scimitar, the Sabra, and the Virago / a Starviper.  I've started giving my unique ships (like the Sabra and Virago) two sets of stats lately, a Hero set, and a toned down set, so I can do things like use the Sabra for a civilian freighter as well as heroic Rebellion ship.

Some new Uglies: A YX-Wing, a Y'Ceptor (a variant of the X'Ceptor), and a XY-Wing.  None are Canon, but all make sense given how uglies are put together.  And they look cool, espceially the Y'Ceptor.

I'm really happey with how these turned out.  They're SoroSuub Patrol Fighters, and I can barely tell the ones i made apart from the WotC ones.

So, I've started making Papercraft mini's when it's reasonable to do so, and they're starting to comeout looking pretty good.   All the ones I'll be posting are probably from here:, unless otherwise stated. 
Here's a XQ-2 type space station and a Victory-class Star Destroyer.

 This is a comparason picture of the new papercraft VSD and what i had been using, converted MicroMachines ISD's.  The papercraft one looks much better in scale (and just in general), so i'm going to make two more to replace the little guys ASAP.

 Another Trade Federation Lander, and two Bulk Transports.  I'm definitely making more of both ships via paper.  They look good and take 1/3 the time that making them from scratch would/did.

 Two Assault Gunboats.  The look better inperson than in the photo.  I feel like two is enough, but they're pretty easy to make.

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