Friday, January 6, 2012

Latest Offerings

 Well, this post has been a while coming, but i've been busy.

 My Tie Clutches. These were a pain to make, but they look pretty cool.

Several Medium Transports.  Based off the MicroMachines model.  I really like how they looked after I did an ink wash on them to bring out the detail.  Not real sure you can see it here unless you zoom in real close.

Two CR-20 Troop Carriers, to counter-balance the Trade Federation C-9979's.  And I can use them as Rebellion units as well.

Two Tie Heav Bombers and a Tie Interdictor in the center.  I don't know why they called it a Tie Interdictor, but that's what it is.

Two Thranta-class War Cruisers.  There's no description of what they look like, orhter than the paint scheme, so i made something up. You cna't tell because of the flash, but the front end of these got an ink wash and the detail really stands out, when compared to the frist one I did.

 An Asteroid Base; a space station for pirates and etc.

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