Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Ships - Clone Wars X-mas, part 1

I painted up some Clone Wars era ships for a friend of mine.  He said he loved the FFG minis, but didn't want to play the game; when I heard he loved the designs from the Clone Wars, I had my Christmas gift idea.

Vulture Droids, molded and painted to resemble the Star Wars Starship Battles (by Wizards) Vulture Droid (on the left).
The paint job came out pretty close (it had better, after as many as I've painted).

Jedi Interceptors, from Shapeways (in FUD).

Inspired by, but necessarily copying, the paint jobs of Anakin & Obi Wan's ships from Star Wars Starship Battles.

I wanted to check out the amount of detail on the 3D printed ships.  It's OK, but there's a LOT more detail on the Starship Battles miniatures (I know, I was shocked too).  They look good though.

V-Wings, molded and painted w/ the Star Wars Starship Battles paint scheme (on the left).

Here, I did 3 in Republic colors (and inked the ships to give them a used look), 2 in Imperial colors (I couldn't help myself - it just looks SO sharp) (not inked, so as to have a super clean look), and a Scum version that I washed w/ a thinned out tan paint to give it a super grungy look (it looks better in person and less like an orange blob).

Delta-7's, from Shapeways (I got both the Delta-7 and Delta-7b models).  Shown here next to one of my Star Wars Starship Battles Delta-7s and my Plo Koon custom "Blade of Dorin" from a few years ago.

I painted the standard paint scheme Delta-7 as a cleaner, less blah version of the Star Wars Starship Battles mini.  I did a more cannon (and much better executed than my last attempt, if I do say so myself) version of the "Blade of Dorin" for the other Delta-7.

More to come later.

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