Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Ships - Clone Wars X-mas, part 2

Continuing my FFG X-wing (1/270) scale ships from Christmas.

Naboo N-1's, from Shapeways.  Once again standing next to the Star Wars Starship Battles mini.  Silver's always really hard to paint right, but I used a can of silver spray paint as the primer, then just did a coat or two with my silver acrylic paint and it came out really smooth.

Around the same time, I was finishing some Y-wing mold/repaints for another friend of mine (and I wanted more Y-wings for home games).

I ended up with a horribly mis-molded Y-wing, and realized that if I added panels to make it closer to the Clone Wars Y-wing, it'd hide all the poorly molded spots.  So this represents a Y-wing that is slowly being stripped of it's body panels as techs get tired of removing and replacing them to do repairs.

Close up of one of the "standard" Y-wings.  I drilled out the astromech on this one, as we don't ALWAYS run a ship with a astromech, so why not have the mini represent that?  The yellow on the engine nacelles came about from one of my kids painting one of the ships I gave her.  In real life, it looks less orange, and makes the ship look like it's moving fast somehow.

A squad shot of my Republic colors ships.

I don't imagine these ships will ever on on the same table at the same time ever again.

 A shot of the finished "diorama".  The ships are using nails that I ground down as pegs, and are glued down to allow hanging off a wall.  To do the starfield effect, I used the "toothbrush & thumb" method.  I wanted the effect to be subtle, but now I wish the stars were more visible.

Finished Republic fighter group.

The Vulture droids.


Here they are mounted on my buddy's wall.

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