Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Ships (2-16-17)

Well, things have finally calmed down after the holidays, so here's some new ships.

 Another Rihkxyrk Assault Fighter that I also got from here and a H-Wing.

 Still no stats for the Rihkxyrk, but it looks super cool, so who cares?

I got the H-Wing from here as well, but I'm not sure they're available anymore.  I copied the paint job from the pic on the wiki site, mostly because I thought that shade of orange looked cool.  It was crazy hard to get those lines to look straight....

I wanted to paint up the 3rd Rihkxyrk matte black, but then I got a pot of Citadel Gloss coat, and just couldn't help myself.

The red on the Rihkxyrk is matte, and I think it looks really striking set against the gloss black.

Another TIE Phantom and a Missile Boat (from here, as usual).

A nice, simple paint job on the Missile Boat

This is another of my TIE Phantoms.  It took me forever to to the cloaking effect (and the decide I hated the way it looked, paint back over it, redo it, then finally just decide I was done with it).

I don't think it compares well to some the cloaking effects you can find on the Web, but it looks fine on the table.

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