Friday, September 23, 2016

New Ships (9-23-16)

More new ships!  Let's get to it.

Two more TIEs finished.

My buddy bought the Core set around his birthday, so I told him I'd mold & paint up some TIEs to round out his Imperial forces.

My 5-year old painted this one.  Well.... I painted it like a standard TIE, and then she painted the wings pink.  She did a pretty good job for her age.

 The paint scheme my buddy picked.  It looks really sharp.

 A "Viper" starfighter and Hatchet fighter.  Both from Shapeways.  Info on the Viper can be found here.  Some FFG X-wing stats for them can be found here, but I'm not sure how I feel about that version yet.

The Hatchet fighter is from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, but looks sweet.  I'm still mulling stats for them.

 Here's a Revell EasyKit Sith Infiltrator (next to the pink-winged TIE from above for scale).

 It was super cheap (~$10, if I remember correctly), very esay to assemble, and is 1/267 scale, so it fits into the X-wing game perfectly.

 The hard part was getting it to mount correctly with the X-wing bases.  It comes with it's own stand, but ti's a weird shape.  And I could have just drilled a hole and glued a peg into the bottom of it, but that seemed inelegant (and wouldn't have supported the ship's center of gravity the same way).

So, I squished some green stuff into a large ship base, then pushed the stand that come with the ship into the top of the green stuff.  When it dried, I popped the green stuff back off the base, glued the stand to the green stuff blob, and trimmed it so that the ships base tiles fit over it.  Now I've got a custom fitted base that uses the original mounting stand/hole, and is completely compatible with any large X-wing base (but probably not the Huge ship ones).

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