Monday, August 29, 2016

New Ships (8-29-16)

So, long time, no posts....  I know.  Part of the problem was that I usually use Microsoft Picture Manager to edit my photos, and I recently updated my Microsoft Office to 2013, which it turns out doesn't include Picture Manager.  Anyway, I just found a work-around here, so we're back on track.

Two Rihkxyrk Assault Fighters that I got from here.

This paint job I modeled a bit off this image.  I thought the pic was a good starting point, but made it my own.

This was my attempting to replicate the Utar paint design.  At the last second, I added the blue cockpit.  I think it pulls the paint job together nicely.

I think I'll be running these as a Scum version of a B-wing.  We'll see when I finally get some stats put together.

TIE Clutches, molded from parts of a TIE Defender and a TIE Phantom.

 I used the ball cockpit of the Defender (because I didn't have to trim off any wing pylons, such as from a TIE fighter) and the rear exhaust bell.

 I used the body and wings off a TIE Phantom.

I painted them "TIE fighter blue-grey", just like my TIE Phantom (see below).  I think they turned out pretty well.

 TIE Phantoms.  The one of the left is mine, the one on the right is the FFG original.

I figured that since I needed to mold (couldn't bring myself to buy & chop them) TIE Phantoms anyway, I might as well paint some up.  

The paint color looks like a much closer match in person... I actually have a hard time telling the difference myself.

Hopefully I'll post more pics soon.

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