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Under a Dark Sun: "Session 21"

"Session 21": (play-by-post, 10/20/15 - 10/21/15)

Adventure name: Relic Hunt

Current PCs / NPCs
Grom Dunestalker - Half-Giant Psionic Warrior (PC)
Sadiria - Half-Elf Wilder (NPC)
Russk - Mul (stated as a Half-Orc) Fighter (NPC)
Thrassos Haruk - Human Driud (NPC)

Due to RL complications, we've moved this game from "in person" to emails.  It's going much smoother now.

We rejoin our "heroes" out int he wilds, on the way to a ruin from the Green Age.

As the party is passing through an area of stony badlands that is littered with piles of large boulders, each of them hears a ‘voice’ in their head.  It sounds like a young woman: ‘Please, can anyone hear me?  I’m trapped in a small cave near-by….  A horrid beast stalked and wounded me….  I don’t think I can escape it again….  No! It’s found me!  Please! HELP!’

Quietly and with as much stealth as possible, they group looks around for this "near-by" cave.  Not far away, they see a small cave in the side of one of the boulder hills.  They approach with caution, weapons at the ready.

About 40 feet from the opening of the cave, the party spots several humanoids (wearing bells around their necks) hiding among the rocks near the cave entrance. It's impossible to tell what's in the cave from their position.  The party decides to attack.

Russk makes a impressive display with his weapon, and it succeeds, leaving one of the humanoids quaking and unsure of attacking Russk.  A psionic ripple spreads out from that creature, causing Sadiria and Thrassos to just kind of stand around staring off into space for a while.  Grom moves up closer to the rocks and receives repeated mental attacks from one of the humanoids assault your mind, but he manages to hold up against the barrage.  Unfortunately, two more humanoids pop-up from amid the hillside.  They continue the mental assaults and eventually overwhelm Grom's psyche, crushing his will to go on.  Grom stands there, dazed, while the battle rages around him.

Russk manages to scramble up the hillside and swings at one the humanoids.  He connects, wounding the creature terribly.  It slashes at Russk with it's disturbingly long claws, but fails to find a weak point in his armor.  One of the creatures comes down the hill and rakes at Grom with it's claws, but the half-giant manages to instinctively duck out of the way, even as filled with ennui as he is.  Sadiria Wild Surges, and pops off a Concussion blast at the two humanoids on the far side of the cave, lightly wounding both. Thrassos Haruk move up a ways and misses with a sling stone at one of the humanoids while Hemmer runs over bites into the creature attacking Grom. The two humanoids on the far side of the cave rush down to attack Sadiria.  But their descent down the hill leaves them off balance, and she easily evades their clumsy attacks.

Grom finally attacks with his longsword, staggering the creature under his blow. Russk attacks the nearest humanoid with his falchion, chopping through his opponent's shoulder, cleaving its torso apart in a shower of gore; and then moves to Flank the humanoid attaching Grom.  Grom's target takes a few more swipes at him, trying to add Grom's blood to the growing pool around it's feet. Hemmer then moves in, Flanks the creature, and rips a chuck out of it's leg, leaving it dead on the ground. Thrassos Haruk moves over to Flank with one of the creatures attacking Sadiria.  He strikes a glancing blow on the creature's skull with his club. Sadiria backs up a step, wild surges and lets loose a ray of pure Cold, striking the other creature and nearly freezing it's limbs solid. The two remaining humanoids advance on Sadiria, and one of them manages to connect with it's claws, leaving deep scratches on her arm. The wounds doesn't look terribly severe, but she almost swoons.  Russk cuts down the creature that was menacing Grom, freeing the half-giant up to move to and slay the humanoid that was attacking Sadiria.  The battle is over.

The party stops to rest a minute and heal before heading into the cave. It is ~100 feet long and usually ~10 wide, and featureless, except for some twists and turns as it runs clear to the other side of the boulder hill.  There's nothing/nobody within.  After a through search of the cave, the group sets up camp and moves on int he morning.

Outstanding Plot Hooks:
Templar Mission 1: “Someone is selling contraband water, flouting the king’s laws.  This criminal must be dealt with – harshly, and their source of water identified.”
Templar Mission 2: “Go see what the Demesh family wants.  I’m too busy to deal with the petty concerns of the nobles.”
Is the party willing to risk exposure as escaped slaves in meeting with the Demesh family (their former owners), or will they try the temper of a templar?
What dangers and treasures await the party within the Green Age ruin?
Will they ever find the Green Age ruin?

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