Friday, June 28, 2013

Zombie Garden Gnomes

Last year, we purchased a pink flamingo for my father in-law for his birthday.  Unlike most flamingos he has, this has been killed and is being eaten by, zombie garden gnomes. It was purchased here. The lawn ornament did not weather well over the summer, and they gave it to me to fix up as this year's birth day gift for my father in-law.

These first three pictures are of the lawn ornament as I received it some time in the fall/winter.  I gave it several very generous layers of clear coat to seal up the plaster (?) and keep any more paint from peeling up.

A in progress shot.  Here I've painted the body of the flamingo once or twice and gotten two out of three gnome shirts painted.

Pictures of the final, finished figurine.

I made sure to use some of my wife's outdoor paints to do all the painting, and put a bunch of clear coat on it to help it stand up to the elements.

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