Saturday, June 1, 2013

Under a Dark Sun: Session 8

Session 8: (5/25/13)

Adventure name: The Burning Plague

Current PCs / NPCs
Grom Dunestalker - Half-Giant Psionic Warrior (PC)
Lain - Half-Elf Bard (NPC)
Sadiria - Half-Elf Wilder (NPC)
Russk - Mul (stated as a Half-Orc) Fighter (NPC)

As the session begins, the party descends into the mines again after a rest in town.  Exploring deeper into the earth, they find a natural cavern piled high with the bodies of the missing miners as well as the less lucky members of the halfling group.  Unsurprisingly, undead rise up out of the sea of bodies.  The zombies soon surround the party and our heroes are hard pressed to cut down the undead hoard. Just as the party begings to get the upper hand, Grom scores a Critical Hit, neatly severing the head of one of the zombies; unfortunately this does not stop the zombie from continuing it's assault. Eventually, Russk and Grom eventually lay enough of the creatures to rest that Sadiria can start blasting the shambling dead apart with her psionic powers.

After defeating the zombies, the party moved further into the mountain.  They eventually came upon a warm, humid chamber full of dripping stone formations with underground spring!  The water flowed out of the tip of a large stalagmite in the center of the cavern, down it's spiraling slope and into a pool before running out under the wall to feed the local water table.  Glowing, evil looking runes were carved into the surface of the stalagmite and the water from the spring looked foul and corrupted; surely this was the source of the plague. 

As the party stands gaping at the pool (more standing water than any of them has ever seen!), a glowing axe materializes int he air above them and begins attacking Grom.  The party spots a humanoid hiding behind the stalagmite, and the battle is on.  Grom and Russk begin racing up the natural spiral ramp on the stalagmite while Sadiria attempts to hit their assailant with psionic energy rays, but suddenly the stone of the ramp becomes mud and Grom and Russk are forced to slog their way up the pillar of stone.  When they reach the top of the stalagmite, they encounter a Gith wearing a holy symbol of the element of earth.  The party recalls that the mountain pass and cave system were previously the home of a tribe of Gith until they were driven off or killed.  Perhaps this gith cleric is the last son of the Thornclaw tribe, back to exact vengeance for his murdered tribe.  The Gith puts up a quite a fight, nearly felling Grom, but finally falls to our heroes' blades.

With the death of the Gith cleric, the foulness clears from the waters of the spring, ending the threat of the Burning Plague.  The party ascends to the surface, and receives their reward from Stefan Doverspeark of House Klethira: shares from the profits of the future sale of the mine's obsidian.  A House Klethira will arrive in just over a week to transfer the obsidian to Urik for sale, the party is free to do as they please until then.

Outstanding Plot Hooks:
  • In order to get paid for their servies to House Klethira, the group will need to serve as guards on for the caravan to Urik.
  • A week is plenty of time to travel to Dorian's Well and back with ease. 

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