Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Under a Dark Sun: Session 9

Session 9: (6/05/13)

Adventure name: Last Stand at Outpost Three

Current PCs / NPCs
Grom Dunestalker - Half-Giant Psionic Warrior (PC)
Lain - Half-Elf Bard (NPC)
Sadiria - Half-Elf Wilder (NPC)
Russk - Mul (stated as a Half-Orc) Fighter (NPC)

Last session, the party saved the House Klethira mining town of Duvik's Pass from the ravages of the Burning Plague.  AS a reward, they received shares of the impending sale of the mine's obsidian.  To collect, they would have to accompany the shipment of obsidian back to the city-state of Urik.  The caravan that would be transporting the obsidian would not arrive for a week, so the party decided to go back to the village of Dorian's Well to drop off the supplies scavenged from the ruined caravan (that they were originally sent to find) and buy some potion fruits.  They unload the supplies, buy the entire stock of potion fruits (six!) and head back to Duvik's Pass.

When the caravan arrives, the heroes are introduced to Laalarash, the House Klethira caravan master for this caravan, and join on as guards.  The leg of the trip is to Outpost Three, a small fortified (barely) oasis along the route to Urik.  The caravan arrives without incident, but finds out that the outpost has been under siege by elven raiders for several days now and the defenders do not expect to manage to survive this night's attacks.  Caravan master Laalarash immediately takes command of the remaining defending forces (his right and duty as a House caravan master), orders everyone to defensive positions on the walls, leaves the battles specifics to Gorgoreth (the station chief for the outpost), then promptly takes up a position in the well house (the best defended location in the outpost).

Gorgoreth posts the party to the NE corner of the wall and sends them on their way.  The 'wall' proves to be a 15ft-high berm, more of a convenient encircling hill than a wall.  The party peeks up over the berm, and Russk and Grom immediately both take sniping shots from elven attackers.  The party goes back and forth trading ranged attack with the elves (who keep slipping in and out of cover to make Sneak Attacks) until Grom barely manages to leap out of the way of an elven arrow and in fact flings his spear that the same elf, killing him.  Meanwhile, Sadiria targets one of the elves with a Mind Thrust, dealing nearly 4 times his full hit point total, causing his head to explode from the internal pressure!

After the first wave of attackers fall, Russk and Grom barely have time to loot the bodies and scrabble back over the wall for healing before more elves approach and begin the cycle of sniping again.  This time, Russk is able help Sadiria neutralize the elven threat when he downs an elf with a well-aimed bow-shot.

Once again, the party barely manages to loot the bodies and get healed before the assault continues.  This time, Russk and Sadiria spot a elf and crodlu (a large reptile often used as a mount) sneaking through the stony badlands surrounding the outpost.  Grom descends the berm to engage the duo, but they manage to slip into hiding.  Then the crodlu rushes out of the badlands, pouncing on Grom.  Grom manages to get in a telling blow on the beast, but it cannot stop the creature from savagely attacking him with all four claws and it's bite.  Lain sticks his head up over the berm and puts a crossbow bolt into the crodlu, but the elf returns the favor, nearly killing Lain.  In a move true to form, Lain retreats from the battle to heal.  Russk finally lands a killing blow on the crodlu, which causes the elf to attack Russk, stabbing both of his short swords deeply into Russk's neck.  Our melee team trades blows with the elf, but he eventually fells Russk before Grom cuts him to pieces.

With the immediate threat dealt with, Grom drags Russk back over the meager fortifications as a healer is called for.  A crazed-looking old human by the name of Haalak arrives (obviously a Fire Cleric, with his soot stained hands) and demands to know why the party thinks they deserve healing.  An excellent Diplomacy check later, and Russk and Grom are healed and a new friend is made.

Outstanding Plot Hooks:
  • Who are these elves, and why are they attacking?
  • Can our protagonists defend their part of the wall and the outpost as a whole?
  • Will our party survive the night? 

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