Thursday, November 10, 2011

Latest Ships

I've finally got pics of the latest ships i've made.

Marauder class corvettes

Invincible, made from a kit-bashed Consular class cruiser

Two TIEs and a TIE Defender

Strike Crusiers, i bought them from here.  Good stuff

Modified Imperial Escort Carrier and Rebel Assault Frigate mrk 1 (type 2).  I got the plans to make the Escort Carrier from here, but it was too much bigger than the others I had aleady made, so I decided to make it a junker.  The Assault Frigate is made from the front half of a Dreadnaught from here, which is consistant with how they make them In-Universe.

Assassin-class Corvettes, made from kit-bashed Micro Macines CR90's.

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