Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Ships, 9-10-12

Well, so I finally got around to taking pictures of my latest batch of new ships.  Enjoy.

Here we can see a Rebel CC-7700/E Interdictor and several T-Wings patrolling the space around a barren moon or small planetoid.

The CC-7700/E (which I'm also going to use as a Detainer CC-2200 Interdictor Cruiser in my Republic-era games) is from Utar Ships.  It was a good looking model: no flash at all, nice plastic, easy to paint.  The T-Wings are scratch-built.  The lower wings are molded off a MicroMacines B-Wing.

The planet is the Lego Tatooine.  I just glued the round base piece to a can lid (tuna fish size) and primed it black.

A squadron of Imperial fighters chase pursue a squadron of Rebel E-Wings into an asteroid field.

The Imperial fighters include two TIE Fighters, a Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transport, and a TIE Cyclone.

The Gamma-class Transport is from Utar Ships, and I wasn't as impressed with it as I usually am with Utar's stuff.  Don't get me wrong, it's a great model, but the dorsal stabilizer wing and the lower rear wings molded a bit too thin for my taste.  One of the lower wings was a bit cracked when i got it (it easily was fixed with glue) and the dorsal wing broke while I was painting it.  It looks great though, and was just due to the wings being so finely detailed (which is nearly ridiculous to complain about).

The TIE Cyclone is non-Cannon.  I got the idea from here (not sure if the original forum post of that image is where I got the name from), and I'm just using it as the prototype for the TIE Defender (there seems to be a clear line of design-lineage between the Interceptor to Cyclone to Defender), but designed after the TIE Advanced x7 prototype.  I just used the hull I had previously made for my TIE Defenders and put standard Inteceptor wings onto it, instead of inverted wings.

The E-Wings are from here.  Not terribly difficult to assemble.  The asteroids are just more primed and based lava rocks from my yard.

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