Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Under a Dark Sun: Session 18

Session 18: (10/27/14)

Adventure name: The Year of Priest's Defiance / When in Urik

Current PCs / NPCs
Grom Dunestalker - Half-Giant Psionic Warrior (PC)
Lain - Half-Elf Bard (NPC)
Sadiria - Half-Elf Wilder (NPC)
Russk - Mul (stated as a Half-Orc) Fighter (NPC)
Thrassos Haruk - Human Driud (NPC)

Mildly refreshed from a obscenity-filled lull in combat, the party once again faces off against the bandit forces of the "bearded man".

This time, a mul wielding a gleaming metal short sword and an overseer's whip accompanies the ubiquitous raiders and Earth Centipede.  The group can quickly see by the mul's skill in battle that he must be a veteran of the arena.  He quickly moves to flank Grom and in a quick one-two combination, stabs at the half-giant with his bronze blade and rips the weapon from Grom's hands with a quick flick of the whip.  Sadira's timely assistance with psionic attack fells the mul, and a quick assault finishes off the remaining bandit.

What follows is a sting of obscenities and curses that chap the ears of even these hard-bitten former slaves.  Then the bearded man waves forward the last of his bandits and begins to cast spells at our heroes in earnest.  A coruscating ray of energy shoots forth from the defiler's hand at Grom, and the half-giant immediately feels his sword grow harder to wield and his armor suddenly feels heavier but Grom fights on, with the last bits of his flagging strength.  The bearded man soon falls, his false claims to ownership of the land and the party fall by the wayside, lost like grains of sand in the desert.  Weary and depleted, the group rests in the ruined structure.

The following morning, or victorious heroes are greeted by a welcome sight: their lost caravan, cresting over the next dune.  The draft animals had smelled the water and were now drinking their fill.  Caravan master Laalarash is impressed, not only by the pile of dead bodies that the group had mowed through, but also by the skill with which Russk and Thrassos had calmed the defiler's mekillot: such beasts more often than not eat their handlers.

Several days later, it is with great relief that the party approaches the city of Urik, and it's mighty walls.  At the great gates of Urik, the party and caravan wait in a seeming endless line to get through customs.  As they stand and wait, a group of beggars work their way up the line.  As they pass by, Sadiria notes that one of them, a young half-elf boy, picked Grom's purse.  He mores to pursue the boy, but the lanky half-elf breaks into a run.  They send Thrassos's Animal Companion Hemmer (a Jarbo) after the boy.  After a bit of a chase, the Jarbo manages to bowl the young thief over and pin him until the group can reach them.

It's a quick matter to get young pick-pocket to cough back up the coins, but when the group gets back to their waiting caravan, they a patrol of Templars riding towards them.  The lead templar confronts Grom, accusing him of breaking the Code of Hamanu. First the offense was giving to a beggar, then assaulting a beggar, then not turning in a thief.  Finally, Lain steps in and suggests a donation to the glory of Lord Hamanu, King of the World might be in order.  The templar accepts this readily, and walks away, his pockets 10 silver heavier.  Such is justice in Urik.

Once within the city of Urik proper, the group decides to look around a bit.  Making their way through the busy streets, they are intercepted by a templar patrol, with all avenues of escape cut off. They are dgragged before a head templar.  Looking the group over, she pronounces them "Sufficient".  She says: "The king requires your services.  I am in need of…agents.  You will be called upon from time to time to investigate when my templars cannot, and ‘take care of” situations."

For now:
“Someone is selling contraband water, flouting the king’s laws.  This criminal must be dealt with – harshly, and their source of water identified.”
“Go see what the Demesh family wants.  I’m too busy to deal with the petty concerns of the nobles.”

Her parting words are: "I’ll be in touch."  It sounds like a threat.

Outstanding Plot Hooks:
  • Templar Mission 1: “Someone is selling contraband water, flouting the king’s laws.  This criminal must be dealt with – harshly, and their source of water identified.”
  • Templar Mission 2: “Go see what the Demesh family wants.  I’m too busy to deal with the petty concerns of the nobles.”  
  • Is the party willing to risk exposure as escaped slaves in meeting with the Demesh family (their former owners), or will they try the temper of a templar?
  • Where can the group go to sell off their contraband arcane loot?
  • Where might they find shelter for the dangers (physical and political) of Urik?

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