Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Ships (3-25-14)

I got some new ships painted up around Christmas, but am only getting around to posting the pictures now.  Oh well, here they are.

A Rebel Assault Frigate under attack by Imperial Assault Shuttles.

The Assault Frigate is from here.  I like how much closer in appearance to a Dreadnought it is.

The Assault Shuttles are from here, and are actually Delta-class Stormtrooper Transports.

They needed just a bit of work to get them ready to paint, and they look really crisp.

A wing of Gamma-class Assault Shuttles.  In the lower right corner, we have an upgraded Mark II, while the rest are the usual type.  All are from here.  The "Mark II" I made an Ace in Full Thrust terms.  It showed up as a (welcome) surprise the last time my wife got me some ships from there.

The more vanilla shuttles were left over from when I received a bunch of mis-molded Utar ships.  I had to cut off the malformed dorsal fins, grind out slots for new ones made out of sheet styrene, and use greenstuff to fix the maneuvering fins in the rear as well as the tiny fins to either side of the cockpit.  they came out really well, and even I can't tell which ones had what done to them.

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