Monday, February 24, 2014

Battle Rep. from 12-10-13

The other day, I got the chance to play a game using some of my newer ships.  Here's the Bat. Rep, enjoy!

Initial: Initial fleet placement.

Round One, End of Turn: Both fleets advance a bit, and fighters are launched.

Round Two: The battle cruiser Intrepid puts two torpedoes into the Invincible, causing a great deal of damage; but the carrier/destroyer's hull withstands the strain.... for now.

Round Three: The Intrepid puts more torpedoes into the Invincible, buckling the hull and damaging systems all over the ship.  In an effort to keep such a thing from happening again, a flight of fighters make a bombing run on the Intrepid, causing massive damage and breaching the hull in places.  The Invincible's turbolasers still manage to strike out at the Unstoppable,  breaching her hull as well, at this close range. The Unstoppable's captain times his fire to coincidence with a bomber strike on the Quell, causing a similar amount of damage.
Round Three, End of Round.

Round Four: The Intrepid attacks the Quells, severely damaging her.  The resulting secondary explosions and hull breaches take out more than half of the ships's systems.  The Invincible attacks the Unstoppable, once again punching through the ships armor and breaching the hull.  The Unstoppable manages to fire on the Patriot Fist, combining fire with the Fidelity; together, they destroy her.  A bombing run manages to evade the Separatist fighters, ultimately destroying the Quell.

Round Four, End of Round.

Round Five: The Invincible delivers a punishing assault on the Intrepid, leaving it dead in space.  But not before the Unstoppable and Coronet combine barrages to the Invincible, stripping the CIS flagship of its shields.  On it's last legs, one final bombing run destroys the Intrepid.

Round Six: The Unstoppable returns fire on the Invincible, severely damaging it.  Fidelity chimes in with it's turbolasers and finally destroys the Invincible.

Round Six, End of Game: The remaining Separatist fighters, bereft of capital ship support and hounded by Republic V-wings, succumb to the inevitable and self-destruct.  The Republic wins.

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