Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Ships (12-23-15)

Finally getting a chance to post some new ships today.

R-41 Starchasers, from here (as usual).

This paint scheme isn't really from anywhere or anything, the model just felt like it was screaming for a brown paint job.  The blue accent on the cockpit felt like it pulled the paint job together.

The red and white paint job was inspired by AirborneEngineer's Black Sun fleet, which can be found here.  I think I pulled off the paint job pretty well.  It's been suggested that it's not a particularly pleasing  to the eye, but after all that work trying to get it right, the paint scheme started to really grow on me.

I molded a Y-Wing and Tie Fighter, and then made several uglies from the various combined bits.

These are the "stock" paint jobs for two of them.  The Tie Fighter parts are painted the same as the other Tie Fighters I made (see below), and the Y-Wing parts are painted like the Y-Wing (also below).

I painted them "stock", so that my 5 year old daughter could customize their paint jobs herself.

Here you can see some of those Uglies.  The left two were painted by my daughter.  I figured, a person would have to be crazy to fly one of these things, and who better to replicate the paint job of a crazy person than a 5 year old?  I painted the one on the right.

Close-up of my kid's TYE-Wing.  It's got a LOT of glitter paint on it, but it turns out mixing flat black with purple glitter paint looks pretty "stealth".  I'll have to try that some time myself.

The working names of these are the "Joker-mobile" (or Barney-ship, depending on who you ask) and my "Steampunk" fighter.

I figured the garish purple/green paint job would suggest the pilot was a bit unhinged (or color-blind, I guess).

The grey and bronze paint scheme was another one that just felt like it was calling to me.

Tie Fighters.  The center one is the original, the other two were molded and painted by me.

I figured that if I was already making TIE parts, i might as well increase the size of my TIE swarm.

I think they came out pretty close.  The paint color looks like a much closer match in person.

Y-Wings.  Had to try making one of these as well.  Mine in on the left, the other is the original.

While I think the stock Y-Wing's paint job looks OK, I thought a different paint scheme would look better.

Also, I tried my hand at Object Light Sourcing with this mini.  I'm pretty happy with it, even if it is subtle.

I'll eventually post my custom cards for these ships... when I get them all worked up.

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