Friday, June 12, 2015

New Ships (6-5-15)

Well, I'm back.  Ok, not so much back as willing to put effort into uploading pictures to my blog.  Whatever.  Anyway, these pictures got taken back in October, and the ships might have sat around waiting to get their picture taken even longer than than.  Without further ado....

Two Guardian-class Light Cruisers in orbit around a small planet.

The ships are from here, my usual source for great looking stuff.

The planet is another Lego Star Wars planet; Bespin, think.

A rear shot with the flash on this time.  I really liked the way the bases seemed to disappear, leaving the ships and planet like the WERE just floating in space. And it highlighted the engine glow nicely.

Here, we see a Missile Boat and two Assault Gunboats patrolling a Civilian space station.  They're from here, as well.

The Assault Gunboats were sent to me as miscasts.   I cleaned them up and now they pretty good looking.

Another Carrack, facing off against a CC-9600 Frigate (from here).  Joining them is an ugly that i kitbashed from a Y-wing, Tie Fighter, and Tie Interceptor.  I got the idea from this image off the internet.

It looks terrible, but I'm a pretty big fan of uglies, so I like it.

A CC-9600, from here.

I painted the Conn tower with a bright orange stripe.  I think it looks really sharp, offset against the brown hull.  But, you can barely see it in this picture.

A CIS Diamond-class cruiser tracks down a lone Escape Pod.

The Escape Pod is by MicroMachines.  All I did was base it (and hit it with clear-coat to protect it).

The Diamond-class cruiser is from here.

I like the way the ship looks and I've been looking for something to round out the corvette-sized-ships part of my CIS fleet for Full Thrust Star Wars.  I'll probably get a few more, if I keep playing Full Thrust at all.

Well, that's it.

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