Monday, May 19, 2014

New Ships (5-19-14)

I finished these newest shops quite a while ago, but as usual, life got in the way of getting them photographed and uploaded.  Enjoy.

Here we've got a fleet of three Imperial Star Destroyers facing off against the Errant Venture.

I couldn't get properly sized miniature of an ISD that looked exactly the way I wanted, so I had to heavily modify some that were commercially available.

The Errant Venture is simply a different paint job of the same mini.  I'll be using the same stats as well.

Here we've got two Carrack-class Cruisers facing off against a Rebel Nebulon B and MC40a.

 The Nebulon B is a Micro Machines Nebulon B, in this case, the Far Orbit.  The MC40a is a Micro Machines Home One.  I'm using it as a variant of my other MC40s.

The Carracks are two more from here.  They look great, as usual.

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