Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Ships (11-7-13)

I recently got some ships finally finished.  Enjoy!

Here we can see three Providence-class Carrier/Destroyers moving into orbit around a Republic-held planet.

The planet is another of the Lego brand Star Wars planets.  This one is supposed to be Kamino.

The ship in the center of the group is the WotC Invisible Hand, for comparison.  The ships on the ends are remolds of the WotC model (because I wanted to see if I could do it).  The Remolds have a toned down paint job more along the lines of the what we see in the Clone Wars cartoon (mostly because I think the Invisible Hand's paint job looks sloppy and too busy).

On the left we have the Invincible, a modified Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer.  The ships prow is extended a bit, and eye-spots have been added.

On the right is the Prosperous, a standard Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer.

A stern-on shot.  On the new ships, I removed the engine covers that are on the Invisible Hand, because that's just stupid.

Here we're got a Marauder-class Cruiser facing off against a Hapan Nova-class Battle Cruiser.

The Nova-class Battle Cruiser was made from a remolded Micro Machines Lambda-class Shuttle.  I cut off the wings, swapped them, put them back on backwards, and then rounded the rear corners off.

The dorsal wing was removed, and the cabin was bumped out one tripled up toothpicks, which I wrapped in paper to give the neck more body.I highlighted some of the panels in silver to give it a more shimmery look.

This is a Utar Marauder Corvette.  I got it with a pile of other mis-molded ships, and put a bit of work into it.  The larger fins in the "neck" area were almost completely missing, and so I replaced both.

This version is bigger than the Marauders that I had previously made myself (of course, I forgot to take a comparison pic!), so I designated this a Mark II, making it a bit more powerful.  It looks really crisp and I really like it.

Here's a flight of Delta-class Escort Shuttles.

The shuttles are kit-bashed from the same Micro Machines Lambda-class Shuttle remold and three of larger "wings" off a Micro Machines B-Wing.

I dry-brushed the paint job on, which took forever to do correctly, but I think it turned out really well.

That's all for now.

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