Monday, June 11, 2012

Battle Rep. from 5-17-12

We did another Pirates battle the other week, but this time it was Pirates vs. Rebels vs. Imperials. 

Initial Set-up.  (I think we need a bigger mat)

Round 1: A lucky shot from the Reef Home hulls the Florian.

Round 2, Reaction Move.  Imperial fighters move in to engage the first wave of Pirate fighters.

Round 2, End of Turn: Combined fire from the Reef Home and the Ranger destroy the Florian.

Round 3, Initial / Reaction Move: Rebel fighters move up to engage the Pirate Frigates Corsair and Intruder; both fall to the bombing runs.  Ion fire from the Admonitor weakens the Reef Home's Shields.  The Handree takes heavy fire from the Prowler, inflicting two hull breaches.  The pirate's Asteroid Base concentrates fire on the Warhawk causing a hull breach.

 Round 4, Initial.

 Round 4, 1st Move.

 Round 4, Reaction Move.


Round 4, End of Turn: The Prowler torpedoes the Warhawk, causing a hull breach and taking all of her Fire Controls out.  The Reef Home lays into the Admonitor, bringing down the ISD's shields and taking out the majority of its Fire Controls.  The Admonitor responds with Turbolaser fire, inflicting a hull breach on the Reef Home. A torpedo barrage from the Asteroid Base hulls the Admonitor.  The Immobilizer attacks the Raider, breaching the frigate's hull.

Round 5, Reaction Move.

Round 5, End of Turn: The Reef Home inflicts hull damage on the Raider. Meanwhile the Raider is busy pounding the Immobilizer, inflicting dual hull breaches on the interdictor cruiser.  Concentrated Imperial bombing runs inflict serious damage to both the Prowler and the Interloper, breaching the hulls of both frigates.

Round 6, 1st Move.
Round 6, Reaction Move.

Round 6, End of Turn: Continued bombing runs destroy both the Prowler and the Interloper.  The Asteroid Base finally destorys the Admonitor.

Round 7: The Asteroid Base destroys Ranger with a torpedo salvo and hulls the Duty Free twice, but the Duty Free keeps it torpedo launchers!  A bombing run hulls the Asteroid Base.

Round 8: The Asteroid Base destroys the Duty Free and hulls the Reef Home; in answer, a bombing run inflicts grievous hull damage on the Asteroid Base.  The remaining Imperial fighters, bereft of a carrier (and soon to be left to die), strike out at the Warhawk, destroying it.

Round 9: Continued Rebel bombing runs pound the Asteroid Base, further crippling it.  Meanwhile,  the Asteroid Base finally manages destroys the Reef Home, now that is has emerged out from behind the cover of the asteroid field.

End of Game:  It was getting late, so the Pirates surrendered, with only 3 or 4 hull points left on their Asteroid Base and no fighters left.  The Imperials were defiant to the last, bouncing around the engagement zone and refusing to die (or even fight)....Rebel victory!

Thoughts:  Interesting game, ran fairly well (if a bit long).  I think it needs a bigger mat and more asteroids to further hinder movement.  Big thanks to the night's Imperial and Pirate Admirals (players), good game gentlemen.

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