Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dark Sun - Quick Plot Hooks: Tareks vs. Antloids

The party stumbles across a seemingly abandoned Antloid mound with traveling the wastes.  Should they investigate  (as Antloid warrens usually contain a water source in their deepest tunnels), they find that some the tunnels beginning to collapse (about 1/3 of the tunnels will experience a cave-in if subjected to climbing, area-effect spells, etc).

A group of wandering Tareks are also exploring the Antloid warren, led by an Earth Cleric (he believes Antloids to be sacred creatures, as they live within the Earth).  The Tareks might be willing to converse or even trade, as they do not plan to claim the tunnels as their own (they are also looking for the water source and some shade to wait out the heat of the day).

The same cannot be said of small group of displaced Antloids (a Dynamis, a young Queen, two Soldiers and 8 Workers), who intend to recolonize the abandoned warren.  They arrive soon after the PC's.

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  1. I missed this when it was first posted, but this is a good little hook to get your players involved in the world and meeting some the unique creatures.